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Explore my analogue art photography and mixed media work, to evolve your mind and discover new layers of meaning of the medium photography. By experimenting and working with artistic and organic materials, I’m transforming photo negatives as a canvas for new perspectives. I envision invisible connections and dimensions and give a voice to the Unknown, parallel to my acceptance of the ecosystem as a miracle in progress.
You’re welcome to join me on my way by working with me, buying an artwork or visit an exhibition to enjoy the subtle beauty that nature has to offer.  If you’d like to know more about how my life has unfolded, you can check my biography or resume.

Photowork in commission 

Would you like to book an analogue photography shoot with personal service? I offer unique analogue portrait photography in nature or by daylight, for both basic and exclusive budgets.
Focus within to explore or share your wishes naturally. Would you like to reveal the real you?
 ‘Let silence be the art you practice’ – Rumi

Contact me for information, prints or a booking.
Thanks for your interest, Mathilde