Domestic Goddess / 2018 – 2019 (Amsterdam)

Images: Communication, Embrace, Connectivity,
Sink (Source), Mindful, Ego-management.

In this series I’m re-shaping my conditioned mind as a (single) working mum, within the domain of my home as a studio. I’m rooting in my power with Universal forces as a source of inspiration. Yet this isn’t just about female intuition or breaking free from old patterns in my personal life…

My role as an artist is mixing up with my household and that of a mother and woman, regularly. Am I seeing through the fabric of a curtain, or just being behind it? Cleaning, dancing, resting and organizing at home feels as natural to me, as a walk in the forest. It connects me to my heart, body and mind, where no intention, dust, touch, move nor smell is hidden. I share this emotional space with people surrounding me.

In the Netherlands gender equality plays an important role. By exploring my natural essence, I’m letting go of outdated patriarchal structures in which a woman’s empathic and sensual nature, or people of other cultures, have been controlled or exploited (for the benefits of a system). And whereby multiple gender identities have been ignored or excluded. We are all related, especially in a metropole.

In the history of the Netherlands, an instinctive connection to mother nature and the Self has been repressed by the conservative institutional Church for centuries, whilst expanding economical activities of the State overseas. A desire for authenticity, sensuality and personal expression has often been projected on (exotic) women (and young boys), without mutual connection.
This project reflects on decent manners and the impact of fear in the reptilian brain, on the prefrontal cortex. Understanding the power of the reptilian brain, could enable people to set ‘transparent’ goals, ‘honest’ plans and ‘equal’ priorities from other parts in the brain with trust. A ‘decent’ attitude can be used to mask or compensate a lack of true or harmonious connection.

Natural forces are being discovered at home, to affect social and economical domains as well. It’s a subtle and playfully provoking process. Poet and Jungian psychoanalytic Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs describes myths and stories in ‘Women who run with the wolves/De Ontembare Vrouw’. This book has motivated me to learn more about Jung.

As an entrepreneur I feel empowered by caring and multitasking. Things are growing and shifting continuously, organic and linear. My family moves like a ship in an ocean. I try to portray the dynamic between life, myself and our stuff. Am I off or on? Could my home be used as a studio for artistic purposes or am I just losing my mind?
Domestic Goddess plays with various interpretations of ‘the female archetype’ vocabulary. For people from western/market oriented countries this title might refer to a fantasy world or socially submissive status, defining the role of a woman or tasks in a household in a more less static way. Whereas in different cultures or beliefs a ‘family’ Spirit can be associated with integrity and emotional strength. Nevertheless, this series isn’t about left or right, but about deepening a Subconscious in yourself and act from that source within your community too.

I’m trying to embody an invisible evolving space through images, to set new connections between old/new, magic/the real, digital age/ancient wisdom and vulnerability/courage. To step into my ‘goddess’ and explore new unknown dimensions. By the end of the series I might have awakened… And a man might devote his heart, to help setting my and his inner spirit free. To expand a mutual vision and understanding. In Art we trust.

In the Summer of 2019 I’ve met my partner, which means we’re exploring a new and loving dimension of life together <3