Initiation series / 2019 

Artistic documentation series of  ‘Initiation of Daleila‘, a natural initiation ritual at the Duursche Waarden Den Nul. Daughter Daleila (NL/TZ) has been raised by me as a single mum. My (new) partner Roger participated in this happening which evoked a new way of collaborating within a relationship whilst starting a family step by step. It can be perceived as a universal ritual of surrender to and appreciation of natural forces.

The IJssel river has been a welcoming space for locals, travelers and (former) refugees of the AZC Schalkhaar for years already, alongside its recreative function.  People gaze at the water, come home or dream of the past and future, humbly inspired by the river current – connecting places and people. The river is for free and can be appreciated as a gift of natural abundance for people (equal within a community). I went to the river very often, as a single mum, feeling one with people whom had lost their beloved ones.
This work expresses the empowering and healing side-effects of rituals, swimming, togetherness and gatherings of this silent surrounding onto people.

This work has been made for Dag van de IJssel, organized by Beleef de IJssel/IJsselbiennale 2020, at Kunstenlab Deventer. Photographs of the work process and exhibition can be seen here.