Eco village Aardehuis (photo: Daleila (6))
At the IJmeer lake in Amsterdam (photo: Rachida Makhlouf)










Information about projects & assignments (prices, prints, ideas) 
Informatie over projecten & opdrachten (prijzen, prints, ideeen) 

Mathilde Evaline Jansen (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
+31 6  3727 8225
post @ mathildejansen . com  (no spaces) background stories 



Would you like to make a difference with an analogue/digital shoot?
After 20 years of social and artistic working experience with people of all sorts (age/class/background/…) I can get along. If you got a question, I’m looking forward to explore more together. I love to help make dreams come true. Yes we can.
In Art we trust. Please share unique ideas and wishes. Welcome.

PS If you don’t dare to marry cause you think a reportage of you and your partner in a forest is way too much, just relax and buy 3+ polaroid camera’s for your guests. If you’re still wondering, open and on this page: contact me for an artistic adventure.