Ina maisha alisi Mtwara 2012 | Research project on site
“In our community life, natural life shines through” (NL below)

The project reflects on the power of nature in developing and maintaining communities. In the region of Mtwara (Tanzania) this has particular significance, because the regional/international economy is driven by the mining of and trade in natural resources. Due to newly found resources such as oil and gas, infrastructure is being quickly developed, which both stimulates and obfuscates the local economic and social order.

Local inhabitants are searching for a new balance in life and work. Relying on what nature has to offer, has made for a strong sense of community, for many generations already. But traditional lifestyles are now being challenged by the global trade and its need for a new economical and social order – sometimes colliding with local interests and customs.

This series shows portraits of inhabitants of Mtwara region, and Simbati village. During a collaborative and artistic research trip on site, my colleague I.P.A. interviewed the people we met and I portrayed inhabitants and laborers.
Some people have been portrayed with plastic flowers which I got as a gift from the university of Mtwara during a graduation event – referring to the fossil fuel industry, pride and (vulnerable) local biodiversity.
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