-Earthed / 2018 – prepared for take off

Earthed / 2018 – prepared for take off

The ecovillage Aardehuis (Olst, NL) consists of several Earthships and uses sustainable (energy) resources. These startup images are meant to give an impression whilst preparing further steps. Check the publication of my image Earthship by Focus Magazine. The project Earthed is planned to continue after financial goals have been met. It’s a so called independent and slow project. In many African countries people continue building their home brick by brick after they’ve earned the money. Can you be patient, as if dealing with Africa Time…?
Check this page for updates in 2019. Please do not rush ;-) You might miss out on the magnificent beauty that an Earthly village has to offer.
Feel free to contact me for questions about this project. And to learn more about available prints for your home or office, to support this project. Or give it a boost by connecting me with your editorial/artistic network.

Strictly © Mathilde Evaline Jansen