Mothership  / 2023 –

This open project currently evolves around several interconnected multimedia works: performance, video, unique audio fragments and photographs of my Artist Residency in Motherhood (ARIM). These black/white photographs of two happenings are made during my last pregnancy and take part of the start of this long term project. 

Return later to explore how I continuously connect ecology and motherhood and build upon the concept of a symbiosis between motherhood and a psychological relation with nature, as described by Albrecht’s Symbiocene, which I explore from the inside out – digging in the earth, myths, my female family history and the unlimited space/boundaries of consciousness.

“As the symbiotic interconnections come back into the soil, the ecosystem, and the macrobiomes, the neural and emotional connections return to the psyche to a form of health. . … The fact that, for the bulk of our time on this Earth, humans have not had to analyze or even be conscious of our positive relationships to the Earth accounts to some extent for our not naming or recording them in the languages that have coalesced to become the English language. They were taken for granted when the world gave generously and continuously of these connections.
As the Anthropocene has peeled away the protective layers that held our positive Earth emotions in place, we have come to appreciate and value their role in our psychic health..”

Eco philosopher Glenn A. Albrecht (Earth Emotions, page 194-195)