-Earthed / 2018 – prepared for take off

Earthed / 2018 –

These startup images are meant to give an impression whilst preparing further steps, to portray people, materials and resources in eco villages, natural organizations and  (biodynamic) farms. To create a supernatural world on it’s own across the border of the Randstad, from Veluwe NP deeper into the East of the Netherlands. This photography is based on unique artistic and documentary style photography.

Ecovillage Aardehuis (Olst, NL) consists of several Earthships and uses sustainable (energy) resources. Check the publication of this first image Earthship (2017) in Focus Magazine.

The project will continue independently and slowly. In many African countries people continue building their home brick by brick after they’ve earned the money: dealing with Africa Time. I’ve had to create the right circumstances to connect my photography more with natural surroundings, by moving to Deventer with my daughter so my partner could move in by the end of 2020.

From 2021 on I’ll portray people and natural resources in artistic ways, adding a tangible psychological layer in the photographs. I’ll manipulate photo negatives with materials to simulate superconscious realities. I’ll implement these techniques to start this project in 2024/2025.

Feel free to contact me for questions about this project. And to learn more about available prints for your home or office, to support this project. Thank you!